Arquitectura comodín

Arquitectura de la necesidad – rikimbiligao Esta charla versa sobre la potencialidad política de la arquitectura comod

100 artistes & designers se mobilisent pour l’ésad Valenciennes

100 artistes & designers se mobilisent pour l’ésad Valenciennes, à travers une exposition-évènement du 5 au 20 janvi

Repair as rupture III

Reparación como ruptura III 🙂, 2022   (scroll down for english version) Una funda de batidora es una tipología contempo

We will design PLATFORM

CORRECTED CHAIRS Workshop at MAGICAL HACKERISM_Savvy Contemporary, Berlin

  WORKSHOP  08.–09.10.2022 WITH  Ernesto Oroza LANGUAGE English OPEN CALL  The workshop is open to all but has

Critical Jugaad Ontologies – Practices for a Just Future – Deepa Butoliya (p.44)

There is a different tradition in design that we have learned to know through the application of ethnography, anthropology, na

Plaza Instar – Instar @ documenta fifteen

Provisional bench and corrected chairs for Plaza Instar, documenta fifteen, 2022. Seats made to host the program of events org

Rikimbili a provisional epilogue – Instar @ documenta fifteen

This presentation is about Rikimbili, the term used in Cuba, since the 90s, to name the vehicle made when a gas motor is added

Prince Claus Fund Mobile Lab Guest – Instar @ documenta fifteen

Within the revolution, Everything – Instar @ documenta fifteen

Notes on Corrected chair

He aquí un ejemplo de la actitud recurrente ante la degradación material de Cuba. Acostumbrados a reparar los objetos del ho

Within the Revolution, Everything @ Shift Space 2.0 – Edited by Natalia Zuluaga

Shift Space is an annual digital publication exploring new media landscapes and spotlighting the Knight Arts + Tech Fellows. T

Towards anarchist design. An interview with Ernesto Oroza and Olivier Peyricot

Emanuel Quinz : Towards anarchist design. An interview with Ernesto Oroza and Olivier RADDAR N°3, 2021 | 2021 politiques

Corrected chairs – A’l interieur de la production – 2021/2022

A’l interieur de la production – Organized by Ernesto Oroza & Le CyDRe

À L’INTÉRIEUR DE LA PRODUCTION International Design Biennial of Saint-Étienne. April 6th to July 31, 2022 http://lecy

Anyone can design, even designers

Anyone Can Design, Even Designers In Collaboration with: Institut Francais d’Indonesie (IFI), Cité du design Saint-Éti

Common Space

Group exhibition curated by Sally Eaves Hughes (@sallyeaveshughes), which will open @oolitearts 924 gallery on Oct. 20, 2021.

Hialeah Eléctrica – Metavector @ Bass Museum Miami

Rafael Domenech & Ernesto Oroza Hialeah Eléctrica – METAVECTOR Organized by Leilani Lynch JUN 16-OCT 10,2021 Hialeah El

Ruptura II (juntas)

Ruptura II (juntas) is an archive of spare parts manufactured in Cuban houses. Specifically rubber gaskets for pressure cooker

Repair as rupture – portable stages

Revolico. Provisional Epilogue III (Rikimbili)

Revolico. Provisional Epilogue III (Rikimbili) “It has nothing to do with a technical renovation of language, but rather of

Repentista Manifesto

Repentista Manifesto (fragments) Ernesto Oroza, 2020 Since this is a moment of irruption, an entrance, I’m going to take adv

Architecture of necessity for Inteligencias Colectivas – CUBA

Archivo Anomico_Inglés PDF

ArchivoAnomico_Ingles_pdf-1  Archivo and Reuse on page 120 More info:

FAU in Prose

  FAU in Prose ′′ Architectures of Need and Technologies of Disobedience ′′ 30/11/2020 Monday at 17 pm on FAU-Usp you

Visiones sobre el rol social del diseño – Compilado por Mariana Pittaluga -2020

Libro: Visiones sobre el rol social del diseño Compilado por Mariana Pittaluga para Wolkowicz Editores, Argentina, 2020.

Four Entrances to a Yanira Collado Exhibit. Ernesto Oroza, 2020

Four Entrances to a Yanira Collado Exhibit Ernesto Oroza, 2020 I’m going to begin a poem. The page is blank. Everything—an

drawn: concept & craft

drawn: concept & craft EXHIBITION COMING AUGUST 2020 SECCA proudly presents DRAWN: Concept & Craft, an expansive exhib

Contro l’oggetto, contro il design Un’intervista a Emanuele Quinz, storico dell’arte e curatore – Giacomo Giossi

Contro l’oggetto (Quodlibet) chiama a raccolta attraverso una serie di conversazioni alcune tre le voci più influenti e rad

Viral Self-Portraits

Viral Self-Portraits Online exhibition – Moderna galerija in Ljubljana 15 May – 31 December 2020Info:

Liebesgrüße aus Havanna

Liebesgrüße aus Havanna Zeitgenössische kubanische Kunst im internationalen Kontext Kunst- und Kulturstiftung Opelvillen R

10 de 500. La cuadratura del círculo

10 de 500. La cuadratura del círculoFactoría HabanaInauguración: Viernes 7 de febrero a las 8pmClausura: 18 de abril 2020 L

Tapes: Museo Popular Concreto

Concreto (book)

This publication accompanied Ernesto Oroza’s exhibition Museo Popular Concreto - Inform at Fredric Snitzer Gallery, 2017.

Rupture T-shirt

REPAIR AS RUPTURE T-SHIRT (silkscreen) $25.00 Shipping included (for sale in the U.S. only)

A tactical placeholder at Supplement projects

2nd International Encounter of Objects and Walls: Miami Edition is one of twelve satellite events initiated by Tlaxcala 3 (Mex

Green Go Home

Green Go Home. Collaborations at Whitebox: Rafael Domenech/Ernesto Oroza - Alejandro Contreras/Rirkrit Tiravanija/Tomas Vu

A The Ellies Creator Award 2019 for Ruptura

Fablab ULB

workshop with 22 students from the Faculty of Architecture La Cambre- Horta at Fablab ULB, with the teachers Victor Levi and D

Making Friends with Things: meetup with Ernesto Oroza

DetailsDuring this meet-up, we will explore possibilities in our relationships with the materials around us and the byproducts


Oolite Arts GalleryOct. 16 – Dec. 15, 2019 On The Road ll is an exhibition series curated by Larry Ossei-Mensah highlig

Master in Design for Emergent Futures – IAAC

Maker Fair Barcelona


Materia Abierta

Materia Abierta is an independent summer program on theory, art, and technology based in Mexico City. It focuses on the study

Ruptura/Rupture at Socrates Sculpture Park

Press release 1: Ruptura/ RuptureSocrates Sculpture Park, NYSaturday, August 24 • 2-6 PMRain Date: Sunday, August 25 • 2-6

Studio Shorts

Battleship Potemkin

Battleship Potemkin Curated by Rafael Domenech June 28 – August 24, 2019 Opening Reception for the Artists: Friday, June


When inanimate objects reflect cultural concerns, historical narratives, and playful humor, it becomes clear that artists proj


ALTERED STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS924 Gallery April 24 – June 30, 2019. Oolite Arts, Miami.Curated by Claire Breukel Inspired b

La mata (the perennial sprout)

La Mata (the perennial sprout) at Fredric Snitzer Gallery Collaboration with Rafael Domenech March 1 – April 15, 2019 Ra