VISIONS BY Issue No. 5 by Elisava Research and Onomatopee

VISIONS BY Issue No. 5 by Elisava Research and Onomatopee


  • Todas las sangres: Amapolay
  • La fuerza de La Tierra: Amapolay
  • Defender la Amazonia: Amapolay
  • False Dragons: Alice Sparkly Kat
  • Life-threatening life rafts: Hibai Arbide
  • To be killed in this way: Hannah Meszaros Martin
  • The coal miners of Donbas: Conall Kearney
  • The role of culture in Public Finance Sustainability: Vienne Chan
  • Rikimbili: Ernesto Oroza
  • Funerary Technology As A Weapon Of War: Hibai Arbide
  • Stop the genocide: Friends And Comrades
  • Drink water, bro: Ben Yart, Hans Laguna
  • Shoplifting: a hidden history of the pocket: Gabriel Calvin
  • Amantes del sonido: Amapolay
  • Kumbia Calor: Amapolay
  • Tropikal Andino: Amapolay


People about Material Cultures.
Issue NUM. 5 – April 2024
Onomatopee Z0028.5

Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief: Saúl Baeza
Executive Editor: Tai Sans
Contributing Editors: Hans Laguna, Ruben Pater
Graphic Design: Oficina de disseny / Ariadna Serrahima & Diego Bustamante
Publisher: Onomatopee Projects, Eindhoven, Netherlands Jesse Muller and Natasha Rijkhoff
Linguistic Correction & Translation: Traduccions MON
Cover Image: Conall Kearney

VISIONS BY People about Material Cultures: Amapolay, Hibai Arbide (X2), Gabriel Calvin, Vienne Chan, Friends and Comrades, Hans Laguna, Conall Kearney, Hannah Meszaros Martin, Ernesto Oroza, Alice Sparkly Kat and Ben Yart.