THE COOKERY 11.04—14.04. 2024


What are the lessons to be learnt from 30 years of fablabs – 12 in the case of iMAL’s? Have the fablab and makers movements lived up to their promises?

Between climate issues, people’s emancipation, gender, and colonialism, is it possible to believe in a radical and committed future for the fablab sphere?

To address these questions, we are bringing together Ernesto Oroza, Stephanie Vilayphiou, Adrien Payet & Xavier Klein, each with a singular critical approach to fablabs. In this The Cookery panel, they will engage in an in-depth discussion aiming to question and respond to the challenges and outcomes of the ‘new’ industrial revolution.

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The Cookery is an event focused on artistic practices that use technology in an accessible and inclusive way. The Cookery aims to create a safe environment for debate, knowledge exchange, learning by doing-it-yourself and -with-others, and participative performances.

And of course, The Cookery wouldn’t be true to its name without delicious food to share around the table in a relaxed atmosphere!

TALKS WITH: KIKK, Lumson, Ohme, Ernesto Oroza, Stephanie Vilayphiou, Adrien Payet & Xavier Klein
WORKSHOPS BY: Claire Williams, Darsha Hewitt, Eliot Duran, Lumson, Val Macé, Wojciech Rusin
CONCERTS BY: Carlo Sampaolesi, Sarah Wéry, Val Macé, Wojciech Rusin
FOOD BY: Jieun Oh & Le Réalism
LOCATION: iMAL, Quai des Charbonnages / Koolmijnenkaai 30-34 , Brussels