CORRECTED CHAIRS Workshop at MAGICAL HACKERISM_Savvy Contemporary, Berlin

Within the frequencies of our ongoing project MAGICAL HACKERISM, we warmly invite you to join us for a workshop with Ernesto Oroza: CORRECTED CHAIRS focuses on the analysis and subversion, from a critical perspective, of some features in contemporary objects. Many of us know that monobloc plastic chairs will break because some features in this chair were prioritized at the sacrifice of its structural resistance. The planetary scale of its production, and the persistence in its design of some of its material and structural features have made this chair a global vector of its fragility.

In Cuba, people have been correcting the structure of the chair before it breaks for more than a decade. They look like repaired chairs, but they are corrected chairs. On the island, the ubiquitous monobloc chair has become a vector of local know-how.

With this two-days’ workshop, we intend to investigate this notion of the industrial object as a vector of vernacular ideas. Monobloc chairs as well as some materials and tools will be provided during the workshop.

ERNESTO OROZA is a designer, artist, researcher, graduate of the Higher Institute of Design of Havana, head of the 3rd Cycle Design and Research at the École Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Saint-Étienne, and Editorial Director of Azimuts. Oroza has been interested in architectures of necessity, technological disobedience, and other topics that link design and society in times of economic and political crisis. He produces and distributes speculative models and research through various publishing methods, exhibitions, collaborative practices, documentaries, and unorthodox forays into architecture, interior design, and object design.