Rikimbili as anagram

download pdf here: rikimbili-as-anagram

“To understand that new needs demand the emergence of new productive protocols, new ways of speaking and doing. New conveyor belts are needed with new mounting sequences. The rikimbili as the new conveyor belt. That sounds better. Surely the opposite—a rikimbili made with the motor from a conveyor belt—already exists in some town on the island.
When I said that the terms used to name the pieces and parts were repeated, I was exaggerating. What is repeated is that everyone understands the terms written out in different ways, written out experimentally, and anti-hegemonically I would say. No one complains; no one says I don’t understand you; few people make fun. Everyone in these forums has accepted the flexible and inclusive rikimbili language; some even name the mother object of this language in different ways: rikis, riquis, riquinvili, riquinbili, riquimbily, riquimbili, rikimvily, riquibili… In the end, rikimbili is just one variation of the organization of those letters and syllables. Rikimbili as a meta-anagram.”
–fragment of Rikimbili, Ernesto Oroza, 2021.

Rikimbili’s transmission piece. Props 1, 2, 3 & 4