Efficiency at OF/BY/FOR – American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora

Efficiency (after Papanek) press release:

Efficiency (after Papanek) is a new exhibition platform based on a schematic principle of art – life relationship. It consists of a drop down table which, upon opening, displays a framed painting, photo mural, or poster. The object was redesigned by Victor Papanek and James Hennessey for their book / instruction manual Nomadic Furniture 1*. All of the items from this publication arise from world popular culture. The authors developed variations adapted to the measurements and materials available on the market, such as 2×4 studs and ¾” x 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood, among other standardized components.

The idea of an efficient livable unit has been a recurring theme in architectural history. Vitruvius, Laugier, Rousseau, Thoreau, Le Corbusier, and the Unabomber conceived or built minimum housing spaces. In each case, the structure was above all a projection of the designer’s philosophical principles and visceral relationships with his time’s natural and social contexts.
An “efficiency unit” is a small apartment consisting typically of a combined living room and bedroom area, a bathroom, and a kitchenette.

In its first public presentation Efficiency (after Papanek) has four iterations:

*Pantheon Books, Random House, New York/Canada, 1973

OF/BY/FOR press release:

Miami Art Week is back, and so is The Cuban! In a few short days we’ll be kicking off our latest exhibition, OF/BY/FOR, which brings together 8 of the most recognized installation artists of the Cuban Diaspora, in a full-scale takeover of the museum’s brand new facility.

Over a 10 day period, these world-renowned artists will each create a site specific installation in one of the museum’s galleries or public spaces. Work begins on Friday, December 1st, and continues through Sunday, December 10th. The entire installation process will be open to the public, with FREE ADMISSION through Miami Art Week!

As one of our Charter Members, sponsors, and/or supporters, you and a guest are cordially invited to view the completed exhibition at its official opening on Sunday, December 10th, from 6-10 PM.

Please keep in mind that this event is by invitation only, and space is limited. RSVP below by Friday, December 1st, to secure your place inside. Enjoy Miami Art Week! We look forward to celebrating with you soon at the American Museum OF/BY/FOR the Cuban Diaspora!