arquitectura de la necesidad

Efficiency at OF/BY/FOR – American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora

Efficiency (after Papanek) press release: Efficiency (after Papanek) is a new exhibition platform based on a schematic princip

Art x Cuba – Contemporary Perspectives since 1989

Art x Cuba – Contemporary Perspectives since 1989 09/08/2017 – 02/18/

MIAMI DRIFT by Léopold Lambert

MIAMI DRIFT – Léopold Lambert

“Habitat cell made out with euphorbia trigona shrubs and an aluminum door” feature on Heteropolis

HETEROPOLIS Adaptive Actions 320 pages, soft cover, 21 x 14,5 cm Color / black and white Bilingual, French and English texts P

Architecture of Necessity (1997 – present)

Architecture of Necessity The city’s inhabitants are aware of their real needs, driven by the inevitable, they transform the

Architecture of necessity at Yerba Buena Center of Arts

YERBA BUENA CENTER OF ARTS Scaffolds are only rarely independent structures: conversation on the temporal landscape (Screening

Ujamaa (diagrams) – 2012

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Arquitectura de la Necesidad en Hablando de Espacio

Hoy en “Habalndo de Espacio” y para hablar, entre otros temas de: “arquitectura de la necesidad” estar

Review “Four minutes, thirty-three seconds”

Performance Beyond Miami’s Parties by Paul David Young 12/06/11 Art in America. The tenth edition of Art Basel Miami B

“Four minutes, thirty-three seconds” at LegalArt

“Four Minutes, Thirty-Three Seconds” LegalArt, Miami. Curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud. Press release “Four M

Editing Havana. Stories of Popular Housing – 2011

Editing Havana- Stories of Popular Housing Maja Asaa, Mira Kongstein and Ernesto Oroza with photographs by Frederikke Frideri

Ernesto Oroza – Architecture of Necessity – INOVA

Curated by Nicholas Frank University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts Curator’s Statement Download

I International Caribbean Triennal

I International Caribbean Triennal Santo Domingo 2010 1st September to the 24th October 2010 more info >

Technological Disobedience at ENSCI

Jeudi 20 mai, espace Viénot 2, à 18h30 Ernesto Oroza, designer cubain, RIKIMBILI est sa dernière publication. Thursday 2

Traverse(s) / Underground

Traverse(s) / Underground. 2010 – 18,19,20 Mai. Trois jours de Conférences, Débats, Concerts publics et gratuits Sain

Proyecto Habitar. Curated by Luisa Espino

CCE Miami presents Proyecto Habitar From Oct 16th through Nov 25th, 2009 Raúl Cárdenas / Torolab. White Noise. 2001. Still O

Cumanana. Curated by William Cordova

Cumanana / SALTWORKS/ February 13 – April 11, 2009 Group Exhibition / curated by William Cordova Johanna Almiron, Dawol

Visionary Drawing Building

Visionary Drawing Building Gean Moreno and Ernesto Oroza.

Statement of Necessity – Ernesto Oroza – 2008

Statement of Necessity by Ernesto Oroza Foreword: Gean Moreno Paperback Publisher: Alonso Art and BookSurge Publishing (Novem

Urbanism in a Minor Key

MONU Magazine. Urbanism in a Minor Key, article by Gean Moreno and Ernesto Oroza

Cintas Foundation Finalists Exhibition

Cintas Foundation Finalists Exhibition for the Emilio Sanchez Award in the Visual Arts, Miami, US.

Fence – Cerca