Concreto (Vedado, Habana, March-2012)

Freddy News 11-12-11

By Hardcore Art Contemporary Space (Albums)

Freddy Bar Diagram 2011

Performance Beyond Miami’s Parties by Paul David Young

Art in America Performance Beyond Miami’s Parties by Paul David Young 12/06/11

Review “Four minutes, thirty-three seconds”

Performance Beyond Miami’s Parties by Paul David Young 12/06/11 Art in America. The tenth edition of Art Basel Miami B

“Four minutes, thirty-three seconds” at LegalArt

“Four Minutes, Thirty-Three Seconds” LegalArt, Miami. Curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud. Press release “Four M


La probeta de concreto u hormigón (concrete test specimens) es un “objeto” asociado tecnológica e históricamente a la

Results: Log’s Second Ever Postcard Competition. October 2011

Results: Log’s Second Ever Postcard Competition. October 2011

Editing Havana. Stories of Popular Housing – 2011

Editing Havana- Stories of Popular Housing Maja Asaa, Mira Kongstein and Ernesto Oroza with photographs by Frederikke Frideri

Crystal Radio (Radio a Galena) – 2011

Crystal Radio (Radio a Galena), 2011. Ernesto Oroza, Gean Moreno. “Radio a galena” is an rudimentary crystal radio

Pawnshop at Thessaloniki Biennial

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Critical Strategies of Post-Utopian Cuban Art (Cuba-United States)

Critical Strategies of Post-Utopian Cuban Art (Cuba-United States). Curated by Adriana Herrera Houston Fine Art Fair, Sept. 15

Hard Poems in Space

Nektar De Stagni and Gallery Diet are pleased to announce a new collaborative project: Hard Poems in Space Opening September 8

Ernesto Oroza: el espacio relacional de todas las cosas del mundo

Ernesto Oroza: el espacio relacional de todas las cosas del mundo ADRIANA HERRERA Ernesto Oroza (La Habana, 1968) exhibe actua

Junge Szene Kuba

Junge Szene Kuba Pasinger Fabrik. Munich, 10.06.2011 – 24.07.2011. Curated by Siegfried Kaden.


ART@WORK PRESENTS ENEMIGO PROVISIONAL Exhibition of Works by Ernesto Oroza On View July 9 – August 31, 2011 Opening Rece

Lighter (redesign) – 2011

Forces of Radical Pragmatism and Pirate Ethics

Forces of Radical Pragmatism and Pirate Ethics: Brian Kuan Wood on the Work of Gean Moreno and Ernesto Oroza Paletten Nr 1 20

Pawnshop e-flux

Pawnshop e-flux Kopfbau Basel (twitter) June 15–18, 2011 11:00–19:00 Facing the main hall at the Messeplatz, go to the re


see exhibition images here (english version): Farside Gallery. Miami by José Antonio Navarrete / Arte Al Dia International, J

Harpo Foundation: Ernesto Oroza and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens


Archetype Vizcaya’s reviews

Contemporary artist Ernesto Oroza re-presents “Archetype Vizcaya” By Janna Lafferty, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Archetype Vizcaya

“Marble is a material that results from the encounter of powerful natural forces; colored veins are the result of a flui

Notas sobre Arquetipo Vizcaya

Notas sobre Espacio Provisional * Espacio provisional en Vizcaya asume como su estructura física y espacial las láminas d

Plant Species Prohibited in Miami-Dade County (Selection)

Prohibited Plant Species List The following is a list of plant species prohibited in Miami-Dade County. Air Potato (Dioscorea

Archetype Vizcaya: Curatorial Statement – Interview

Archetype: the original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based. As Erne

Ernesto Oroza – Architecture of Necessity – INOVA

Curated by Nicholas Frank University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts Curator’s Statement Download

Voices: Ernesto Oroza at Gallery 400 – Chicago

Voices: Ernesto Oroza at Gallery 400, Chicago https://cada.uic.edu/schedule/voices-ernesto-oroza/ Gallery 400 is a not-for-pro

ENTER THE DRAGON Pop-up Shop at Improvising Architectures

Improvising Architectures Christy Gast, Adler Guerrier, Nicolas Lobo, Ernesto Oroza, Viking Funeral, Graham Hudson, Felipe Ar

Archetype Vizcaya Youtube Channel

Archetype Vizcaya Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7-foq9n4s0&playnext=1&list=PL7945988DCDEADEB3