Repair as rupture III

Repair as rupture III 🙂, 2022 Una funda de batidora es una tipología contemporánea de objeto. En este sentido, no es dist

We will design PLATFORM

CORRECTED CHAIRS Workshop at MAGICAL HACKERISM_Savvy Contemporary, Berlin

  WORKSHOP  08.–09.10.2022 WITH  Ernesto Oroza LANGUAGE English OPEN CALL  The workshop is open to all but hasÂ

Critical Jugaad Ontologies – Practices for a Just Future – Deepa Butoliya (p.44)

There is a different tradition in design that we have learned to know through the application of ethnography, anthropology, na

Plaza Instar – Instar @ documenta fifteen

Provisional bench and corrected chairs for Plaza Instar, documenta fifteen, 2022. Seats made to host the program of events org

Rikimbili a provisional epilogue – Instar @ documenta fifteen

This presentation is about Rikimbili, the term used in Cuba, since the 90s, to name the vehicle made when a gas motor is added

Prince Claus Fund Mobile Lab Guest – Instar @ documenta fifteen

Within the revolution, Everything – Instar @ documenta fifteen

Within the Revolution, Everything @ Shift Space 2.0 – Edited by Natalia Zuluaga

Shift Space is an annual digital publication exploring new media landscapes and spotlighting the Knight Arts + Tech Fellows. T

Towards anarchist design. An interview with Ernesto Oroza and Olivier Peyricot

Emanuel Quinz : Towards anarchist design. An interview with Ernesto Oroza and Olivier RADDAR N°3, 2021 | 2021 politiques

A’l interieur de la production – Organized by Ernesto Oroza & Le CyDRe

À L’INTÉRIEUR DE LA PRODUCTION International Design Biennial of Saint-Étienne. April 6th to July 31, 2022 http://lecy