Visual | Dance | visual art & dance collaboration


Visual | Dance | visual art & dance collaboration
Curated by Glexis Novoa & Heather Maloney at Inkub8; Wynwood, December 1-5, 2010.

Inkub8 alternative studio space is pleased to present Visual Dance, an event which will present works that, while formally classified as dissimilar media, share similar structural methodologies. A brief compilation of the work of contemporary dance developed at Inkub8 will share SPACE+TIME+EVENTS with works by visual artists who focus their interest on event- and process-based modes of production. The program will include a series of open sessions, titled Ethereal Labs, in which experimental collaborations between visual artists and dancers centered of the use of different scenographic media–light, projections, sound and actions–will take place.

Consuelo Castañeda is showing a work inspired by images from Andrei Tarkovsky’s films, and operating resources such as sound, light, video, film, internet terminals. Yali Romagoza and Hamlet Lavastida, artists who reside in Havana, will perform versions of works which first appeared at the 2010 Liverpool BiennialGustavo Matamoros, a sound artist and community organizer whose work was recently included in the New Works Miami 2010 exhibit at Miami Art Museum, will organize an extended duration sound environment designed to explore the acoustical signature of the Inkub8 space. Maritza Molina will perform “The Red Memories,” a piece which premiered and was originally created for the exhibit “Killing Time” at Exit Art in New York. The collaborative team Gean Moreno & Ernesto Oroza undertakes a site-specific, functional project for the space that induces the interaction of visitors.

Visual | Dance is conceived as an “after-after Art Basel’s parties” late evening sessions consist of a program of contemporary dance performances, including works in progress, developed through Inkub8r (open-studio series) and repertoire pieces.


Ivonne Batanero
Letty Bassart
Lydia Bittner-Baird
Christine Brunel
Consuelo Castañeda
Liliam Dooley
Elizabeth Doud
Hamlet Lavastida
Heather Maloney
Maritza Molina
Gustavo Matamoros
Priscila Marrero & Carlota Pradera
Gean Moreno & Ernesto Oroza
Ilana Reynolds
Yali Romagoza
Cesar Trasobares