La mata (the perennial sprout)

La Mata (the perennial sprout) at Fredric Snitzer Gallery

Collaboration with Rafael Domenech

March 1 – April 15, 2019

Rafael Domenech and Ernesto Oroza are interested in productive processes and the way materials are utilized within the urban environment.

For this exhibition, they are exploring vinyl, a material of common usage in the city. Vinyl’s current functional properties have been shaped in response to
biochemical, technological, and commercial demands.

Domenech and Oroza’s project is a typological and literary investigation of a composite of vegetable origin whose beauty and functionality are optimized by its relationship to light. By revectorizing and experimenting with vinyl’s standard usage, Domenech and Orozaachieve new forms and urban function possibilities.

In this first iteration, they refer to the exhibit as an metaphoric index of Hialeah’s comercial and manufacturing culture.

La Mata (the perennial sprout), is the title of the exhibition. In the caribbean “la mata” refers to an endless stream of resources. Transplanted to Hialeah, the cradle
(la mata) of surplus, this terminology, reaches an unthinkable breath of possibilities.

Vinyl, plastic, led bulb, electrical wire, stainless-steal sticks.