tactical display

Dancing with a document. Tactical display (after Andy). À L’INTÉRIEUR DE LA PRODUCTION

This dance class is designed around a propaedeutic object. Visitors, following the instructions they receive on site, will be able to learn, or practice, a type of dance common on the island of Cuba. The object used to learn to dance is at the same time an exhibition of costumes designed to accompany various activities during the biennial.

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A’l interieur de la production – Organized by Ernesto Oroza & Le CyDRe

À L’INTÉRIEUR DE LA PRODUCTION International Design Biennial of Saint-Étienne. April 6th to July 31, 2022 http://lecydre.space/ CyDRe: 3rd Cycle of the École Supérieure d’art et design Saint-Étienne: Delphine Hyvrier, Inès Le Menec, Lola Hen, Corentin Brule, Charlotte Goffette, Zoe Colliot, Karolina Borkowska, Alex Delbos-Gomez, Jade Herbert, Laura Ego, Samantha…

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Silla corregida – corrected chair (2016-present)

It is common today to find in Havana areas plastic patio chairs corrected by their users; I am referring to the chairs known as monobloc. We know in Cuba and all over the world that these chairs will break. Its structural rigidity has been sacrificed for its production cost, stackability,…

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