Oct 132012



FREDDY (in collaboration with Gean Moreno)
Freddy is a coupling system that allows the production of numerous different architectural spaces and object typologies. It exploits standard plywood sizes and the stackability of the plastic bucket. Various iterations of the system exist.
It has been used to produce:
– an outdoor pavilion ( commissioned by the Bass Museum in October 2009)
– an outdoor pavilion ( commissioned by the Miami Art Museum, 2010)
– an indoor pavilion, of which two versión exist, one using 8’ x 4’ planes and the other using 16” x 96” planes
– a series of tables
– a series of display structures
– a pop-up shop/display kiosk
Freddy is linked to a larger research Project involved with the understanding and theorizing of generic objects as the function at multiple levels, from the circuits of global trade to their repurposing in low-income neighborhoods. A text on generic objects was published in E-FLUX JOURNAL 18.
Using repeating, standard units allows Freddy a certain flexibility in producing spaces with incorporated seating arrangements, tables, stools, lamps, trash bins, and display shelves.
Each of the patterns used in the planar modules is indexed by a different color.

Oct 162010

Photo:Alesh Houdek

Curatorial Statement by Rene Morales

The work of Gean Moreno and Ernesto Oroza revolves around two central interests: the social forces that shape the urban landscapes, and the idea of tapping into what they term the “preexisting infrastructures” that they have at their disposal as artists working on a project-to-project basis.

When they were approached by MAM to participate in NWM2010, they identified the museum’s tradition of publishing “gallery notes” for each exhibition and proposed folding the content of the brochure (curatorial essays, a calendar of events, sponsors’ logos, a survey questionnaire, etc.) into the ongoing series of tabloid newspapers that they produce as part of their commissions; they consider these publications to be the primary elements of their projects.

The lower expense of the tabloid format allows for the publication of three 16-page editions (one for each month of the exhibition), which will be distributed at several locations throughout the city.


Dec 262009

Freddy book. 2010
A publication by Gean Moreno and Ernesto Oroza.
Printed in Montevideo, Uruguay, Jan-2010 (spanish version);
Pinted in Florida. US, June-2010 (english version).
Textos Moiré © 2010

Oct 272009

Night Shift (in collaboration with Gean Moreno)
Sleepless Night at Bass Museum of Art and Collins Park 11/7/09. Curated by Jerome Sans.

Sleepless Night 2009 is right around the corner and this year, Bass Museum of Art will once again be the center of activity with “Night Shift,” a collection of installations and sculptures in Collins Park from 6pm – 2am. Set to live music from artist/DJ Jerome Sans, a highlight of the exhibition is a collaborative piece titled “Viking Funeral” that is a monolithic 30-foot Nirvana “t-shirt” that can be explored from the inside out.

The Bass Museum of Art will once again be the center of activity during Sleepless Night with “Night Shift,” a group of exciting and unexpected site-specific installations and sculptures in Collins Park curated by Jerome Sans. Sans was the founder and co-director of the world-acclaimed Palais de Tokyo, the cutting-edge contemporary art center that opened in Paris in 2002. Currently he is Director of one of the first nonprofit art centers in Beijing, the Ullens Center of Contemporary Art, and is Cultural Curator for Le Meridien Group. He was co-curator of the Paris Nuit Blanche in 2006, and is also a rock musician and DJ – he’ll be providing the live soundtrack for “Night Shift.”

Participating South Florida artists include Jim Drain and Brooke O-Harra, Christy Gast, Julie Kahn, Nicolas Lobo, Ernesto Oroza & Gean Moreno, Tom Scicluna, and Frances Trombly. A very unique collaborative piece “Viking Funeral” will also be featured, that is a monolithic 30′ Nirvana “t-shirt” that can be explored from the inside out!