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Architecture of Necessity (1997 – present)

Architecture of Necessity The city’s inhabitants are aware of their real needs, driven by the inevitable, they transform their city under a new order: The Moral Modulor. He embodies the human potential to understand urgency and inscribe it in space. He adds, to the order established by human dimensions, the…

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Ernesto Oroza – Architecture of Necessity – INOVA

Curated by Nicholas Frank University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts Curator’s Statement Download Tabloid printed for the exhibition Ernesto Oroza’s “Architecture of Necessity” chronicles the inventive solutions that arise under conditions of severe economic limitations, such as those in his native Havana. The island nation of…

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Statement of Necessity – Ernesto Oroza – 2008

Statement of Necessity by Ernesto Oroza Foreword: Gean Moreno Paperback Publisher: Alonso Art and BookSurge Publishing (November 11, 2008) ISBN-10: 1439216657 ISBN-13: 978-1439216651 Book documenting the exhibition Statement of Necessity by Ernesto Oroza, at Alonso Art in November-December, 2008. The book features the 20 color photographs exhibited.   [printfriendly]

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