Learning from Little Haiti

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Diagram Freddy


Freddy’s Statement

FREDDY (in collaboration with Gean Moreno) Freddy is a coupling system that allows the production of numerous different archit

Aprendiendo del Pequeño Haití

Aprendiendo del pequeño Haiti. Gean Moreno and Ernesto Oroza. Foreword by Orlando Hernandez. Printed in Havana Oct-2009. A r

RIKIMBILI. Une étude sur la désobéissance technologique et quelques formes de réinvention

RIKIMBILI. Une étude sur la désobéissance technologique et quelques formes de réinvention. 2009 Ernesto Oroza (Préfacier)

Freddy book

Freddy book. 2010 A publication by Gean Moreno and Ernesto Oroza. Printed in Montevideo, Uruguay, Jan-2010 (spanish version);

Rent Electricity Gas. Curated by Agatha Wara

Rent Electricity Gas at 380 NW 24th Street On behalf of Terri and Donna, Miami based curator Agatha Wara has set up a curiou

Art Baselita Mama’s Little Girl

Art Baselita Mama’s Little Girl at Ede Zones. Curated by Glexis Novoa. More info here. OPENING DECEMBER 2 ARTISTS SELE


ARCHIPELAGO Gean Moreno and Ernesto Oroza IDEOBOX ARTSPACE 2417 N. Miami Ave., Miami 305-576-9878 Through February 26 Faceboo

Oroza y Moreno: Desaprendiendo algunas viejas leyes

Oroza y Moreno:   Desaprendiendo algunas viejas leyes. Orlando Hernández – 2009 Estoy en deuda con Ernesto Oroza. Es

TIME + TEMP: Surveying the Shifting Climate of Painting in South Florida

TIME + TEMP: Surveying the Shifting Climate of Painting in South Florida From the press release: This exhibition presents a su

Workshop CCE Miami 2009

If you haven’t seen the current group show at the Centro Cultural Español, do yourself a favor and check it out. The group

Night Shift. Curated by Jerome Sans

Night Shift (in collaboration with Gean Moreno) Sleepless Night at Bass Museum of Art and Collins Park 11/7/09. Curated by Je

Learning from Little Haiti – E-flux Journal No.6

Learning from Little Haiti It is at work everywhere, functioning smoothly at times, at others in fits and starts: an urban pr

Proyecto Habitar. Curated by Luisa Espino

CCE Miami presents Proyecto Habitar From Oct 16th through Nov 25th, 2009 Raúl Cárdenas / Torolab. White Noise. 2001. Still O


Paravan (in collaboration with Gean Moreno). Plywod, printed tabloids. 2009 Paravan is a folding screen with a twofold pur

Little Havana Lamp shade – 2008/2009

Little Havana Lamp shade. 2008-2009 Clear silicone. In 1994, in a factory in Los Pinos neighborhood in Havana, after a black-

Information Center. Ongoing archive and architecture. 2009

Centro de información. Archivo y arquitectura en proceso. 2009 T-shirts impresos, provenientes de tiendas de segunda mano, s

Spit-Polishing a Starless Sky/Outer Space

Bhakti Baxter, Nicolas Lobo, Gean Moreno, Daniel Newman, Ernesto Oroza, and Gavin Perry will be featured in the exhibition, Sp

Ficciones postmodernas en Miami. By ADRIANA HERRERA

Ficciones postmodernas en Miami Domingo, 09.27.09 By ADRIANA HERRERA Especial/El Nuevo Herald Charest-Weinberg Gallery es un e