May 232010

“No Soul For Sale – Festival of Independents,” Tate Modern, London (The Suburban/Milwaukee International), May 14-16, 2010


Milwaukee International
One-Minute Video Fair Tate Modern No Soul

Stephanie Barber • Peter Barrickman • Chelsea Beck • Jennifer Bolande • Sara Clendening • Club Nutz • Brad Fischer • Nicholas Frank • Jack Goldstein • Amy Granat & Emily Sundblad • Naotaka Hiro • Jessica Jackson Hutchins • Stefan Lenhart • Joanna Malinowska • Josh Mannis • Shana Moulton • Ernesto Oroza • Will Pergl • Jefferson Pinder • Scott Reeder • Emanuel Rossetti • James Sham • Chris Smith • Kristina Solomoukha • Ben Stone • Spencer Sweeney • Oliver Sweet • Nico Vascellari • W@n • Steve Wetzel • Samuel Williams • Robert Wilson • Ma Youngfeng • Phillip Zach

No Soul For Sale Festival of Independents
Tate Modern ? London ? 16 May 2010

Milwaukee International
Tate Modern • Starr Auditorium
16 MAY 2010 • 16.00 – 16.30
30 videos 30 minutes

Jack Goldstein, “MGM” (thank you)
Peter Barrickman, “Krickets” (Green Gallery, Milwaukee)
Spencer Sweeney, “Is This Thing On,”excerpt (Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York)
Chelsea Beck, “Golden Boots” excerpt (Contemporary Arts Museum Houston)
Brad Fischer, “Siren” (Small Space, Milwaukee)
Steve Wetzel (Green Gallery/Inova, Milwaukee)
Stephanie Barber, “HOME” (Inova, Milwaukee)
Robert Wilson, “A Moment In Time” (Dan Ollman, Milwaukee)
Ma Youngfeng, “The Swirl” (Inova, Milwaukee)
James Sham, “Mission: Goodwill Towards Men” excerpt (Contemporary Arts Museum Houston)
Nico Vascellari, “untitled song” (Hilary Crisp London/Los Angeles)
Kristina Solomoukha, “Christmas Trip” (Inova/Green Gallery Milwaukee)
Nicholas Frank, “Rock Faces” (Green Gallery, Milwaukee)
Naotaka Hiro, “Night Fog, Yellow Volcano” (Misako Rosen, Tokyo)
Emanuel Rossetti, “Columns with Pattern for Thomas Sauter I” (Karma International, Zurich)
Josh Mannis, “Variations” (Thomas Solomon Gallery, Los Angeles)
Amy Granat & Emily Sundblad, “Drunk” (Green Gallery, Milwaukee)
Jessica Jackson Hutchins, “Children of the Sunshine” (Derek Eller/Laurel Gitlen, New York)
Oliver Sweet, “Technosnake Experience” (John Riepenhoff Experience, Milwaukee)
Stefan Lenhart, “Name It” (Tanzschule, Munich)
Ernesto Oroza, “Bertoia Chair” (Espacio Provisional, Havana/Miami)
Jefferson Pinder, “Invisible Man” (Inova, Milwaukee)
Will Pergl, “Rock” (Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design)
Jennifer Bolande, “Spin Cycle” excerpt (Inova, Milwaukee)
Shana Moulton, “Mountain Where Everything Upside Down” (Milwaukee International)
Club Nutz Classicks vol. 85 (Club Nutz, Milwaukee)
Ben Stone, “Bernie Circuits” (Club Nutz, Milwaukee)
Jack Goldstein, “MGM”

Milwaukee International is a guest of The Suburban
thank you to all participants
special thanks to Brad Killam and Michelle Grabner

Starr Auditorium
Sunday, 16 May 2010
16.00 – 16.30
30 videos 30 minutes

May 162008

Espacio provisional at Milwaukee International Art Fair 2008


The second Milwaukee International Art Fair arrived to the Polish Falcons beer hall, May 16-17, 2008. This location put amazing contemporary art from around the world against a backdrop of real old-world charm, in the midst of the quaint working-class Riverwest neighborhood. Strolling through the aisles provided a glimpse of new drawing, painting, video and sculpture while the sweet sounds of the Falcon Bowl rumbled up from the basement. The Falcon Bowl sports the 4th-oldest bowling alley in America, and for two days, possibly made the coziest art fair one could ever visit.

May 022008


Espacio Provisional es un concepto expositivo creado en la Habana por Ernesto Oroza (2003). Desde el ano 2007 el proyecto se realiza en EUA y ha contado con la colaboración del artista y curador Gean Moreno. Algunas de las actividades realizadas hasta la fecha incluyen: Milwaukke International Art Fair (2008); Asia Argento esta preocupada, una proyección de Magdiel Aspillaga en el estudio de Glexis Novoa (2009);  Dark Fair, Swiss Institute NY (2008); One-Minute Video Fair, Milwaukee International, Tate Modern No Soul, Tate Modern, London, UK (2010).
En el 2011 Espacio Provisional integró la propuesta de Ernesto Oroza para el Museo Vizcaya en Miami.

Espacio Provisional. Publication for Milwaukee International Art Fair, (with Gean Moreno). Milwaukee, WI US.
Edition of 30.